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Small Farm for Sale

Lucban, Quezon, Philippines
Code: AG-03198

This farm is close to the barangay road with right of way. Few minutes’ drive going to town center, school, public market, church and grocery stores. About 10 minutes to Kamay ni Jesus Grotto. Has access to electricity, cell phone signal and water line. Quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Planted with few coconut, rambutan, cotton-fruit (santol), calamansi and banana. A portion is cultivated for vegetable production. Ideal for vacation farm. Titled property. Closing cost inclusive.

Small Farm for Sale

LOCATION: Lucban, Quezon, Philippines
  • Agricultural Lands/Farms
LOT AREA: 4,980 sq.m.

PHP 1.5 Million

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL about 3 minutes by car
HIGH SCHOOL about 3 minutes by car
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY about 3 minutes by car
HOSPITAL about 5 minutes by car
CHURCH about 5 minutes by car
GROCERIES STORE about 5 minutes by car
PUBLIC MARKET about 5 minutes by car
AIRPORT about 3.5 hours by car

Contact Information

Small Farm for Sale

Property Code: AG-03198
Contact Person: REY ALPUERTO
Real Estate Broker License No. 6816
Tel./Mobile Numbers: +63 915-444-6888/+63 908-488-8111
Email: 234tropicalreyalp@gmail.com


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