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Farmland for Sale

Tablas Island, Romblon
Code: AG-03192
OUR VERY BEST INVESTMENT OFFER EVER!!! We are now in the lucky situation that we can offer an additional area of approximately 50 hectares - which can be split or subdivided down to approximately 5 hectares plots - very suitable for pili nut farming - from only US $ 1.50 per sqm! A very conservative calculation - with to days prices on pili nuts - and the steadily and rapidly increasing demand - shows that your total, original investment will double already during the first harvest - 5 years after planting the pili seedlings - which we do provide through the provincial agriculturist. So an investment at f.ex. US $ 60,000 now - will give you a return of US $ 120,000 after 5 years - after all expenses. After that are there minimal expenses - and a very low tax percentage - so you will have an additional pension of approx US $ 100,000 per year! A VERY GOOD ROI INDEED! Contact us for further details pls.

Farmland for Sale

LOCATION: Tablas Island, Romblon
  • Agricultural Lands/Farms
LOT AREA: approx. 30 hectares
PRICE: US $ 1.50 per square meter
Information: Sales arguments: Common price is now PHP 80 or US $ 2 per sq.m. around here - still only 10% of the price for farm land in and near for example Tagaytay. We do still have approximately 30 hectares left at only US $ 1.50 per sq.m. This hilly land is perfect for Pili nut farming. Pili nut is a crop which gives a very high and good ROI (return on investment). The price for raw Pili nuts has doubled the past months due to the very high demand which the Philippines can not serve. Among many other markets: in Australia, Europe, and USA - where it is competing with Macadamia nuts from Hawaii - do approximately 1.5 billion Chinese in Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and China mainland etc. use Pili nuts as an important ingredient in their moon-cakes. It has healthy oil and zero cholesterol and the resin is the raw material for fahrenheit perfume from Christian Dior. So if you are interested in an additional pension at US $100,000 per year or more, contact us for more detailed information ASAP.

Contact Information

Farmland for Sale

Property Code: AG-03192
Contact Person: JULIUS G. OLARTE
Real Estate Broker License No. 02806
Or Ma. Teresa N. Fajilan Bech
Tel./Mobile Numbers: +63 920-970-5054
Email: info@tablasparadise.com
Cashew area
Atis and Guyabano area
Cashew crop area
Pili area intercrop with Melons Watermelons and Squash
Pili area


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